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play2prep is ACT and SAT test prep in a game. Practice on your own or play against friends (two-player game coming soon).

Everyday, access 10 free ACT and SAT questions free dailies, just like those on the actual tests.

Use power-ups to increase your fun, skill and challenge when answering questions. Get a hint, narrow the answer options, or get more time. Unlock additional power-ups as you level-up.

View your daily results by academic skill to help you sharpen your game and improve your test scores.

Gain XP and credits with each question you answer. Rack up XP by answering questions. Earn credits by answering questions correctly. Both XP and credits can be used to unlock special features as they become available.

Invite your friends for the two-player game where you can play against friends, family and random opponents in a fun and competitive environment (coming soon).

Got feedback? Email feedback@play2prep.com or tweet us @play2prep