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• 2013 Cynopsis Kids Imagination Awards "Best eBook App" Finalist
• 2013 Appy Awards "Best Music App" Finalist
• The Guardian's "50 Best Apps for Kids from 2013 that Parents Can Trust"

Featured in Parents Magazine, Mashable, The Guardian, Wired Magazine, Gizmodo, Children's Technology Review, Teachers with Apps, and elsewhere

Top 100 App Store Book App in 24 countries


Mibblio® is the first musically interactive storybook app of its kind. Inside Mibblio is a world of beautiful MIBBLETS — illustrated story-songs that invite children to read along, sing along, and jam along.

Some mibblets are based on songs that we all know and love, such as “The Wheels on the Bus”, “On Top of Spaghetti”, "The Itsy Bitsy Spider", and “Old MacDonald”. Other mibblets are entirely original compositions, such as "Monkey Jones", “Gordon, the Puppy Scientist”, and “The Mashed Potato Monster Gang.”

Now with mibblets featuring Tracy Bonham, Lunch Money, Boxtop Jenkins with the Indigo Girls, Splash'N Boots, Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band, Mister G, Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke, Hot Peas 'n Butter, Ben Rudnick & Friends, Moona Luna, Debbie and Friends, Karen K, The Wiyos, The Bandana Splits, The Third Wheel Band, Grammy-winning drummer Marty Beller, Grammy-nominated mandolinist Andy Statman, and many more!

Mibblio enables kids to:

• EXPERIENCE creative and fun stories through music
• JAM ALONG using Mibblio’s keyboard, “strum pad”, and percussion instruments
• DISCOVER new instrument combinations by muting and soloing individual audio tracks
• UNDERSTAND the key to developing music by building the layers of a song
• EXPLORE the entire library of mibblets straight from the Mibblio app!

Learn more: http://www.mibblio.com

View our Privacy Policy: http://www.mibblio.com/privacy


Strum pad: Acoustic guitar, banjo, ukulele, electric guitar, harp

Keyboard: Piano, guitar, violin, vibraphone, saxophone, clarinet, flute, accordion

Percussion: Tambourine, snare, maracas, rimshot, high hat, triangle, bongos, claps, cowbells, vibraslap


"Exactly what an iPad app for a kid should be." -Gizmodo
“State of the art” -Teachers with Apps
"It's like training wheels for your future DJ." -Mashable
“Make beautiful music on your iPad with Mibblio.” -Parents Magazine
"Music to everyone’s ears." -Wired
"Learn the basics of creating a song, with a dash of reading. -Children's Technology Review
"An interactive party!" -iPadKids.com
"Children’s stories [brought] to musical life" -SoundCtrl.com