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Organization and Device Administration



Computer Science

by WagMob
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Science , Computing

KS3 , KS4

11 - 14 , 14 - 16

Application (15MB)

$2.52 (USD)
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This application provides tutorials, a multiple choice quiz and flashcards on mnay aspects of computer science. These include: Computer Fundamentals, Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Number System, Algorithms, Searching Algorithms, Programming Basics, Web Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Java Programming Basics, Operating System, Data Processing, File Processing, Data Structures, Sorting Algorithms I, Sorting Algorithms II, Networking and Internet, Databases I, Databases II, Software Engineering I, Software Engineering II, Data Communication, Data Warehouse, Memory Management, Multimedia and Computer Viruses.


Sequencing , Control , Internet , Electronics , Computers , Software , Hardware , Firmware , Database , Programming , Algorithms , Networking , eMail , Communication , Multimedia , Virus