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Sandcastle Quiz

by BBC


Choose a phoneme. A word containing a gap will appear in the sand. Listen to Colin the Clam say the complete word then click on the sandpie with the right spelling for the missing phoneme. Each word you get right will add a sandpie to the sandcastle you are building.

At the end of the game, you can print out a sheet which shows the sandcastle with all the words you spelt correctly.


The game provides valuable practice in recognising the common alternative spelling choices for the nine vowel phonemes introduced in the National Literacy Strategy Year 2 word level objectives.

There are 10 different vowel phoneme options to choose from when playing the Sandcastle Quiz. 9 of them cover an individual phoneme and its spelling variations and the 10th covers all of them. They are listed below:-

OW - ow/ou (howl, house)
OY - oy/oi (boy,join)
AR - ar/a/al (star,grass,calm)
DEEP U - oo/u (foot,put)
AIR - air/are/ear (lair, spare, tear)
OR - or/ore/oar/war (short, core,roar,ward)
AW - aw/au/augh/al (yawn,august, caught, chalk)
IR - ir/ur/er (stir, nurse, nerve)
EAR - ear/eer/ere (fear, cheer, mere)


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