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by Read Write Phonics
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300 High Frequency Words is a great interactive way to teach your child to recognise and read the first 300 high frequency words of the English language. These are the common words such as: the, and, said, he, I, be, they, go, etc etc. Some of these words are decodable using phonics but some have to be learnt as "Sight" or Red" words. Giving your child a way to quickly learn these will enable them to read more challenging books more quickly. Tapping the screen voices the word in a soft English accent.
300 High Frequency Words is split into 8 manageable sets of words starting at the most common words
moving through to the least common.
Within each set the words are shown in a different order each time the app is used, this ensures that your child cannot simply learn the order of the words.
300 High Frequency words can be used by a child alone tapping each word to hear it and then tapping the arrow to move through to the next one learning the words at their own pace.
Parents can the use the app in a similar way to traditional flash cards to support learning and test your child's knowledge. Ask them to read the word then tap the word to confirm or correct, then move to the next.
Once a child grows in confidence you can see how quickly they can move through each set of words timing and offering rewards for shorter and shorter times. The quicker they can move through the set the sooner they will be able to use the knowledge in reading and enjoying books.
The 300 High Frequency Words are the same words found in Appendix 7 of the Letters and Sounds: Principles and Practice of High Quality Phonics document produced by the UK Department for Education and commonly used in UK schools


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