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ScootPad is an adaptive learning platform for Common Core Standards in Grades K-5 (Math, Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary, Writing etc.). ScootPad delivers continuously personalized learning experience for each student enabling comprehensive practice, accelerated progress and rapid concept mastery.

Get real-time insights that enable in-depth student progress and proficiency tracking. Parents & Teachers can assign/review homework (Math Practice, Reading Practice, Spelling Practice, Reading Log etc.) and kids can complete/review their homework all online on ScootPad. Teachers can save upto $10k/classroom/year by going paperless with ScootPad.

"Truly, SCOOTPAD has been a blessing to me and my students. Ever since we discovered this app, our class has worked hard daily to practice the Common Core Skills introduced in both Reading and Math. This app is AWESOME! WE LOVE IT!!!!!!"
- Michael Wesley Jr., 2nd Grade Teacher

"Scootpad is one of the best resources for keeping my child on track in both Reading and Math. The tests are the perfect length and the questions are geared appropriately."
Amy Blair, Parent of 1st Grader, Ohio

For more information, visit: http://ScootPad.com

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