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Epson iProjection

by Educational Resources US


Application (5MB)



Epson iProjection is an intuitive mobile projection app for the Android devices. Epson iProjection makes it easy to wirelessly project images and files stored on your Android devices using an Epson projector with network capability (see applicable projectors). Move about the room and effortlessly display content from your Android devices (see supported formats) on the big screen.

Key Features
What it enables you to do:
1.Display documents stored in your Android devices using your Epson projector
2.Display images stored in your Android devices "Gallery" library
3.Display web pages.
4.Use the built-in projector remote control feature to control input sources, AV mute, freeze, audio settings, and more
5.Send files from your email or cloud storage apps to iProjection app
6.Marker function enables highlighting and annotation of projected photos and documents.
File formats and Activities supported and not supported
Epson iProjection supports the following file formats:
-Adobe PDF (PDF 1.6)
Also supports cloud file services such as Dropbox or email accounts (duplicated files only).
Activities not supported:
-Connection to multiple projectors
-Sound playback
-Video playback

Projectors supported
For a complete list of all supported projectors, go to www.epson.com/projectorapp
Applicable projectors
All products with direct connection
PowerLite / EB-85/825/826W
PowerLite 85+/825+/826W+ / EB-85H/825H/826WH
PowerLite / EB-450W/460/440W
BrightLink / EB-450Wi/460i
BrightLink /EB-455Wi/465i
PowerLite / EB-95/C2020XN/96W/C2030WN /900/C2040XN/910W/C2050WN/905/C2060XN/915W/C2070WN
PowerLite 1835 / EB-925/C2080XN/C2100XN
PowerLite / EB-1760W/C260MN/1770W/C300MN/C3010WN1775W/C300MS
PowerLite / EB-1761W/C261MN/C3005WN/1771W/C301MN/C3011WN/1776W/C301MS
PowerLite / EB-1915/C1915/1925W/C1925
PowerLite / EB-1935/C745XN/C764XN/C745XN/1945W/C745WN 1955/C755XN/1965/C765XN
PowerLite / EB-D6150/C1020XN/D6155W/C1030WN/D6250/C1040XN
PowerLite / EB-420/CS500XN/425W/CS500WN/430/CS510XN/435W/CS520WN
BrightLink 425Wi/430i/435Wi
PowerLite / EB-G5450WU/C400WU/G5550/G5650W/C450WH/G5750WU/C450WU/G5950/C520XH
PowerLite / EB-Z8150/Z9800
PowerLite /EB-Z8250/Z8255/Z10000/Z9900/Z9810/Z10005/B1500
PowerLite / EB-Z8350W/Z9850W/Z9805W/Z8355W/B1585W
PowerLite / EB-Z8450WU/Z9750WU/Z8455WU/B1575WU
PowerLite Pro / CB / EB-G6150(NL)/G6250W(NL)/G6050W(NL)/G6550WU(NL)/G6450WU(NL)
PowerLite Pro / EB-G6750WU(NL)

All products necessitating an access point
PowerLite / EB-93/C2010X/93H/93+/C2010XH
PowerLite / EB-1910/C1910/1920W/C1920W/C735W/1830/C1830/C2090X
PowerLite / EB-1880/C720XN
PowerLite / EB-4100/5500/C450XE/G5600/C450XB/C458XS/4200W/G5800/C520XE/4300/G5900/C520XB
Android devices supported:
- Smartphones or tablet PCs that support Android OS 2.3 or later
LCD panel size should be more than 800x480(WVGA)