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Organization and Device Administration



Basketball Score Keeper

by Educational Resources US

Physical Education

Application (223kB)



Have you ever been asked to keep score on you kid's basketball game? This is the app for you. Using this app you can do the following:
1- Keep track of points. Shortcuts to quickly add one, two, or three points.
2- Keep track of personal fouls of each team. You can also reset the personal foul count when you reach half-time.
3- Keep track of the shooting percentage of each team. Just enter the missed shots.
4- Very easy and intuitive user interface.
5- View your game log and share with any application installed on your phone that accepts sharing, for example, you can email it.
6- Click on the team names to customize them with your team names.
7- Does not require a network connection to operate.
8- Optimized layouts that support different screen sizes.
9- Best of all, it is absolutely free! Doesn't even display any ads