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The WeVideo Video Editor helps you capture memories and moments wherever they happen, and turn them into amazing videos to share with others, across your favorite social networks. And people love it:

• Easily capture photos and video footage
• Trim, snip and split your clips; sort and arrange into your video edit
• Stylize your video clips with Themes, or video effects
• Add existing music, photos, and videos
• Export to social channels to share video clips, and save to the phone’s gallery
• Sync your mobile content with the cloud

Key Video Editing Features of WeVideo Video Editor:

• Record Video
Launch the WeVideo Android app and record videos to the phone. Trim video clips, tag videos and upload to the cloud. Use as a video cutter or trimmer.

• Full Creative Control
Arrange clips, adjust track volume, and stylize with any one of the unique WeVideo themes, with built-in music, filters, transitions, effects and titles.

• Mobile Media Integration
Add and edit video, music and photos from your phone's gallery.

• Expansive Exporting
Export final videos to share video on WeVideo, YouTube, and share on Facebook.

• Local Downloads
Save your edited video to the phone’s gallery.

• Mobile-To-Cloud Syncing
Content created on WeVideo for Android syncs with the cloud and can be edited with full creative control with the WeVideo.com editor. So, all your videos and projects are all stored online, safely, for you to edit wherever you are.