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Math Pack Flash Cards

by Educational Resources US


5 - 7 , 7 - 11 , 11 - 14

Application (523kB)



Math Pack is the COMPLETE MATH REFRESHER for kindergarten to eighth grade kids.

Math Pack is for kids (adults too) to practice math flash cards in a challenging way to sharpen their brain. This pack contains virtual flash cards for Addition, Subtraction Multiplication, Division, missing numbers, Fraction, Decimal, Rounding, Roman numbers, Factors, Order of Operations, Percentage, Divisible rules, solving equations, Greatest common factor, Least common multiple, Exponentiation, geometry point/line/shape, pre algebra, linear algebra, quadratic algebra and probability. Each virtual Pack has four skill levels A, B, C and D.

You can choose either multiple choice mode or direct answering mode on each quiz.
With nearly 20 math operations and 4 skill levels, there are nearly 50,000 flash cards!!
For each correct answer, you get 5 points. If you answer within 10 seconds, you are eligible for bonus points ranging from 1 to 5. Have Fun.

Parents, please read the 'Parents guide' once, which is located under About menu. For advanced operations (like fraction, roman), please make sure to read the help (by clicking circular icon) once. Please ignore the grade level on each category and understand your kid's level. This will help you in motivating them. Not all kids can do math in memory. So let them use, paper and pencil to solve the problems.
Your kid's quiz results will be available for your review under Math+ section.


Addition , Fractions , Subtraction , Exponents , Factoring , Multiplication , Division