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Organization and Device Administration



Ayuda PSU Lenguaje

by Educational Resources US

Application (2MB)



Exceed 120000 downloads among all PSU help, thank you all for your support and feedback. I am now moving on upgrades to applications, adding more content and other functionality that help more.
The invite also review a youtube channel I created, where I am adding interactive PSU questions.
I will also upload videos there to answer questions, and that people who do not have smartphone with Android can practice in a similar way too.
Practice for PSU while you're in the Micro!
This application allows you to practice with brief bursts of exercise, 3 of the 4 main parts of the PSU language:
- General Knowledge and Language and Communication Skills.
- Management Connectors.
- Plan Drafting.
Reading Comprehension is not advisable to practice in cell given the length of time that should read fine print, which can impair vision to some degree. For this reason the focus was on the first three items.
The rounds are 10 questions each, randomly selected from a database of over 200 questions in total, which will include more questions constantly to prevent the repetition of exercises.
Each question in turn has its solution and corresponding explanation, in order to be able to learn the reasoning on which each question is solved.
I hope you can take advantage of content delivered and do very well!