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Organization and Device Administration



Cuaderno del Profesor Lite

by Educational Resources US

Teacher Tools

Application (3MB)



Professor notebook aims to streamline and optimize common tasks teachers (grades, attendance, student records, class journals, etc.).
The application is designed to replace the "traditional notebooks teacher" paper, used until now to manage the data format of courses and students. It is therefore a tool to be used during the course of the class, saving a lot of time outside it.
What allows us to Binder Professor (CDP)?
- Review students with extremely flexible and comprehensive, easy to set up and adaptable to any rating system in the world, which is responsible for calculating the average marks tools. (Ratings, criteria, indicators, percentage weight of all items, calculation base definition, equivalence tables, rounding, etc..) Have implemented dozens of suggestions from hundreds of users to 99% of the possible ways to qualify are retaining the ease of use which characterizes CDP.
- Keep track of student attendance.
(Absences, delays, justifications, partial absences, manual reporting tutors through email / sms, absences filtering, generating reports in CSV ...)
- Have records of all students, organized by groups, along with their main information: contact, tutors, tutoring ordered by date and unlimited personal notes.
- Have a notebook tutorial
- You have a daily classroom for each course and obtain a report in CSV thereof.
- Have a check box of 8 levels for temporary signs in each student.
- Keep a fully configurable schedule classes.
- Access your Google agenda and define planning agendas, cloisters, guards, evaluation sessions, etc ... As the school calendar upload their Autonomous Community (available free on our website.)
- Export all data generated by the application to CSV format compatible with any spreadsheet.
- Create backups (in internal memory, gmail, dropbox, drive, etc.), all data stored on your device can export these to other devices.