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*** Previously Featured on the App Store! ***

"Quipio learns - the more you use it, the better it gets at predicting designs you like." - NextBigWhat


Quipio is a fast, simple and fun way to share beautiful messages with people. Text+Photos together in perfect harmony. Share publicly or privately. BE YOU!

Over 130,000 people have used Quipio, making 600,000 posts, and viewing over 30,000,000 images! It's a community that creates AND cares.

Quipio is as simple as Twitter and more expressive than Instagram. Be beautiful, expressive and impactful in seconds.

All you have to do is TYPE, SELECT and SHARE! Quipio does all the hard work for you and makes sure your message looks good!

The Best Part?

Quipio learns - the more you use it, the better it gets at predicting designs you like.

Join a fun and thriving community!


"Quipio is Instagram for Text Messaging" - TechCrunch

"An upgrade for @instagram" -Nini Suet

"Quipio has a decidedly more ethereal, romantic vibe" - BRIT+CO

"The key difference between Quipio and other Text-on-Picture apps is that it does most of the work for you. You type in whatever you want to say (like a tweet) and then Quipio goes to work figuring out the best fonts, textures, layouts and style options that would work with it." - NextBigWhat

"I have Instagram and Quipio. I find myself spending more time on Quipio because it lets you focus on who you are and what you are truly interested in. It takes away social pressure and lets the genius of individuality to prosper." - Steezyspence

"Creating a Quip is fast and easy, and allows anyone who wants to pretend that they know what “kerning” and “typefaces” or “design” to make something that looks decent without requiring a lot of effort." - PandoDaily

"The designs offered by the app really do improve with the passage of time, and Quipio has every chance of becoming a hit in the near future." - Addictive Tips

"The problem with making typography look good over a photo is it takes a bit of effort and design sense, so it’s not for everybody. Or so we thought..." - iDownload

"Many style options, all of which are well-made, yielding some really original outputs." - iPhone Italia

"It's absurdly simple to use and gets me something I dig, every time!" - Lisa

"This app is the future of social updates. It never fails to impress with it's variety." - Sonya

"Smart. Seriously smart." - Kevin