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Organization and Device Administration



Cronometro Cuenta Atrás Alarma

by LearnPad Education Mexico


Precision timer includes stopwatch, countdown, alarm clock and world clock.
Easy to use, intuitive design with a clean (Holo) e.

TIMER (chrono):
★ Multiple timers
★ starts and stops from the numbers.
★ infinite number of turns.
Notifications ★ rich.
★ Works in background (without spending drums, using system events).
★ Display all saved times.
★ Active Screen mode (the screen does not turn off, press the options button).
★ Keep active on exit (activated by pressing the menu options).
★ 1/1000 seconds (milliseconds).

COUNTDOWN (timer, countdown)
★ Multiple accounts back.
★ Adds any counter.
★ Select sound at the end.
Notifications ★ rich. (You can see the time in the notification bar, you can also pause and continue).
★ Sounds and vibrate for 5 seconds at the end.
★ 1/1000 seconds (milliseconds).
★ Infinite counters.
★ Use the alarm sound.

ALARM (alarm):
★ Basic features of an alarm.
★ Allows naming an alarm.
★ Lets put a period to the alarm.
★ Allows to postpone the time after.
★ Select the melody.
★ Allows Snooze alarm by shaking the phone.
★ Allows the option to solve a mathematical problem to cancel the alarm.
★ Allows auto-increment option volume.
★ Allows the vibrate option (if the option is disabled to postpone moving is activated).
★ Use the alarm volume.

WATCH WORLD (world clock):
★ add your default time zone.
★ Allows you to add any city.
★ Use google places API.
★ digital clock.
★ analog clock.

★ Full screen mode.
★ Switch between screens with your finger.
★ Landscape mode.
★ mode for tablets.
★ 2 topics Holo.
★ More options button options.
★ Option to store app on SD-Card.

★ Voice recognition.
★ Added DashClock widget
★ Improve the World Clock section.